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for the some of the biggest water facilities on the west coast. chuck clark the director of seattle public utilities. edward for the portland water bureau. marine stapleton for the san die ae go and less tear from water and wally bishop the contra water d district. each panelist will have a chance to speak and ten minute time limit is a little like global warming. it sneaks up on you and then it's hard to deal with there that end. we'll try to reserve of for questions and answered that end. thanks. >> thank you jarrod and i will go through this quickly and i hope there's sufficient teasers in there to get you to ask questions as we get near the end. cautionary notes this is the system of seattle system, not your system. you have to look that principals and see if they apply to the same work the planning side, the modeling side, the adaptive side and i'll talk briefly for a few seconds on mayors initiative on climate control because it gives an as political environment to work in and then the seattle system. the mayor of seattle nickels started the protocols for the city and started proces
average. well, damp tuesday followed by guess what? a damp wednesday in the northwest. >> rain in seattle are you sure bill? i have never heard of that. >> yeah, a bad joke. it keeps going. >> investors play chicken. leaders making sacrifices in japan. your early morning business headlines coming up next. >> and a plea deal. >> the knicks got their slide and the spurs continue to struggle. and the wizards win a road game. yes, it is true. you are watching ay." >>> welt cowelcome back and her are some of your top headlines. some of your top headlines. democrats have offered budget cuts and republicans say they are standing firm on their party's plan to cut the budget. >>> more than 40 foreign ministers are gathering to map out long-term solutions to the criticize. >> the pain of rejection is more than just a figure of speech. researchers found that pain triggered brain activities similar to physical pain. >>> with one month to go before the royal wedding. new set of collectible stamps have been released. they will be available starting april 21st, eight days before the ceremony. and now he
factor entonces un grupo iranÍ se ha cambiado a seattle una alianza ahora evitarÍa.... >>eso a luganni le corresponde >>evitarÍa que se movran al norte >>eso no me concierne a mÍ >>¿por quÉ accediÓ a verme? >>para que lleve un mensaje personal a ese eso, aliento de ajo yo me cambiÉ al sur y me quedarÉ en el sur luganni es un dÉbil para sacarme y si Él usted o esos iranÍes que menciona deciden venir aquÍ, a vancouver personalmente escribirÉ mo epitafio el nombre lacombe en sus sucias tumbas adiÓs, seÑor grogan >>te faltÓ una quizÁs sÍ lo escriba pero serÁ en la de Él >>¿cÓmo fue la junta con lacombe? >>no lo llamarÍa una junta >>¿por quÉ, que pasÓ? >>hola, ¿desearÍa ver el menÚ? >>no, gracias, me tengo que ir >>bien, dÍgame si cambia de opiniÓn >>seguro >>y bien ¿quÉ pasÓ? >>sÓlo dijo que no hizo lo rrecto >>¿y es quÉ significa? >>significa que hay que darle una lecciÓn al seÑor lacombe >>la lecciÓn espero que no sean mÁs muertes >>tal vez >>¿quÉ es lo que harÁs? >>no te preocupes ♪ >>¿preparaste lo que te pedÍ? ♪ >>¿quÉ pasÓ con ese asad
. >>> for the forecast around the country. it will be stormy out west. rain from seattle up to san francisco. up to 2 feet of snow in the sierras and heavy snow in the rockies moving later to the plains. a clipper is bringing light snow from michigan. snow wraps up in vermont and maine. 80 in miami. 60s from new orleans to dallas. a high of 47 in kansas. 33 in minneapolis. 13 in fargo. phoenix warms up to 73. sacramento, 60. boise, 46. >>> danger a look at this as we're getting a look at dramatic pictures from hawaii weighs kilau kilau kilauea volcano. a new vent opened on saturday. scientists say it could collapse without warning. lethal gas can be present even far downwind. kilauea has been erupting since 1983. >> spectacular pictures. >>> coming up next, a peanut butter recall. a brand you that might find in your kitchen. >>> that's right. and another teen athlete dies during a game. what is causing this? what can be done to prevent such loss? >>> plus, busted. the firemen who took their truck out for a spin after a few >>> as we mentioned earlier, oil is still rising because of the unrest in the
are getting a cool rain. it's raining lightly from seattle and looks like most of the rain is to the north of portland. as far as the forecast for today goes, on and off showers, highs only in the 40s. we're mild in arizona, but still relatively cool from san diego right up the coast to san francisco. that's a look at your thursday 46, pendleton, oregon, cloudy, temperature 50. i think we've had rain in the forecast, lynn, every single day this week on the west coast. i'll come back later and let you know what friday looks like. >> thank you. >>> the fed chief warns on budget cuts, apple's chief comes out for a debut and proof that royal wedding souvenirs have gotten out of control. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, media sensation lady gaga tests her luck in a new medium. >>> coming up a thrilling finish between north carolina and florida state. a major suspension costs byu and a coach shows his team how to dunk. what could possibly go wrong, you ask? you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here
, the snow levels are very, very high. it looks like some of the exceptions would be south of seattle driving down interstate 5 to olympia, one area where you'll have to deal with a little bit of rain. the forecast for today, look at l.a., warmest day you've seen in a while, 89 degrees, phoenix at 93, so you got people turning their air conditioners on here while in new england people using their snow blowers. 86 in vegas, beautiful day through central california. the problem areas up in the northwest, where we'll still deal with rain an that's as nice as it gets, low humidity and 81. veronica, there's always got to be a winner an a loser and california right now is the winner. >> 89 degrees? that is so unfair. >> that's almost beach twl. >> i'm pretending, trying to channel spring. >>> jobs jump, boeing flies and a billionaire cat fight. your "early" morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, her big tour plans are scrambled by another big name singer who refused to be anyone's opening act. >>> coming up, push comes to shove between the heat and the wizards, deja vu for carmelo
. that's why you have a winter storm warning just east of seattle. dry, though, if you go south. waking up this morning in los angeles. you're at 54. 45 in vegas. 51, phoenix. expect plenty of sunshine in all three locations. vegas just a few clouds in there. san fran, 63. medford, 59. now, seattle does have that rain for today. the rain is going to spread eastward, though, and kind of infiltrate the sunshine. clouds will too as we go into your thursday. that's where we see more medford, 55, with rain. boise, 57. the sunshine state for denver on thursday. 63 will be their high. that is a look at your regionaly make it to 80. and that's a look at your wednesday forecast. lynn. >> ginger, thanks. >>> well, oil settled. yet another new way to rent your movies. and the invention that can shield you from everythingç charlie sheen. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, does she own the word gaga? she seems to think so. >>> coming up, a major suspension for ohio state football and a miami heat have another reason to cry. you're watching "early today." >>> good m
seattle have annual refills with reservoirs and a summer draw down where we're serving from our reservoirs if that presents challenges for us. increase in wild fires. it's a huge concern for us and i'm sure for like san francisco we're an unfiltered drinking source and our watershed is in the mountains where there's lots of reck rauks and eventhough it's protected and there's no entry allowed our watershed we're are neighbors of an intensely utilized effort. water rights issue is only issues with our ground source but we do share that series of,aquafo r's and we have the city of vancouver on the other side that also taps that water reservoir. and fish flows we're currently in the process of pursuing habitat conservation plan to come in compliance in the clean water act so we're very concerned about any impact that could impact our ability to maintain fish flows we're currently agreeing to. next slide. so, in terms of what we've done to study climate change effects on our system. in 2002 through the university of washington through richard palmer and margaret hahn, i won't go over that now
that lit up the sky in seattle and sounded like more than just rain. >>> also, eating fish may taste great but now doctors are saying that it's offering benefits in fact for women. >>> pop star lady gaga is gaining headlines for more than her wild outfits. the humanitarian efforts to help tens of thousands in japan. first, up to new york for a look at the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with japanese stocks rebounding. the benp mark nikkei rose nearly 6% after plunging a combined 16% on monday and tuesday. investor avenge it rippled around -- anxiety rippled around the world yesterday. toyota and subaru are scaling back production at north american plants because of potential part shortages from japan. toyota suspends overtime and saturday production. subaru is eliminating over time temporarily. go -- the federal reserve is the most upbeat about the ecomony announcing it would maine taint bond buying program, but the recovery is on firmer footing and the job market is improving. and it may cost more to withdraw cash from
la información de acción deportiva . >> se inaguro con los lakers contra seattle . >> al minuto el segundo en la historia. >> espectacular, no se pudo hacer nada. >> el los Ángeles galaxy el favorito, debuta venciendo a seattle . >> sólo el triunfo le servia al san luis . >> un tiro de izquierda . >> dejando a ambos equipos con diez hombres. >> juan carlos medina lanza para dejar con dos y practicamente eliminados. >> manchester united en la champions league . >> javier chicharito hernández de titular. >> uno por cero, el primer gol de un mexicano en los octavos de la champions league . >> el fue, el javier chicharito hernández . >> pasó de nuevo al javier chicharito hernández . >> dÉcimo sexto en su carrera del manchester united . >> avanzan a cuartos de final. >> ♪. >> por el momento es toda la información en acción deportiva. >> ♪. >> ♪. >> para pasarlo de maravilla, necesitamos buen clima. >> así es, vamos con guillermo quiroz . >> buenas noches, martes, se acába el invierno, siguen llegando los sistemas. >> así que quedense con el paragua, las lluvias siguen
tournament. >> to cactus league play. tim lincecum took the mound against seattle and struck out seven. but he had a little trouble. this fan have something fun in the sun. the mariners loaded the bases but lincecum struck out a pair in all, he threw 3-2/3 innings of shutout ball. miguel day had -- tejada ripped this pitch to the wall. san francisco would add two more in the fifth as buster posey goes the opposite way for a two-run double. posey is batting .643 this spring. the giants beat seattle. over in phoenix, the a's and st. louis. former cal bear tyson ross is competing for the fifth starting job. ross, four ks in three shutout innings. chris carter with the rbi groundout to make it 1-0. oakland beats the brewers 5-4. >>> it was the squad duty for oakland in pore a. the a's lost the padres, 7-6. >> going into the final round of the honda classic, rory sabbatini had a commanding lead, but y.e. yang would make him work for the title. sabbatini would nearly give then lead on the back nine. he bogeyed the hole to fall to 8-under. yang would try to take advantage on the first hole of
. >> rain gauge wise no body probably cares about the city of seattle but we could do some things. other than quality control and we're going to spend more money and time but i think it's easily transferable to others. >> let's go back to the floor. yes? >> i want to go back to the point of the technical and public engage meant. it's one piece of the puzzle but provide as lot of opportunity. water efficiency provides most of the savings on the consumer side. the numbers we heard about 18 percent, almost all of that is not water agency and waist water treatment but keeping the water in the homes using the washing machines and so on. saving that can save humans money which then energy games people into, well, maybe we should listen to the engineers and people trying create the model. >> thank you. >> yes? yes? >> i want to tie into the first speaker and segway the opportunity for public, private partnerships and collaboration. i have an exand pl in california that's local to the san francisco, puc, the california commission has listed grant under their renewable fuels program and the
seattle . >> una linea de lloviznas hacia el sur hasta san josé, la lluvia llegaria hasta la mañana, el martes podríamos ver nuevamente lluvias. >> minimas de los 51 grados esta noche. >> máximas de 68. >> el prónostico es complicado, con máximas en los 62. >> gracias . >> hoy se jugo el clásico de america con cruz azul. >> los celestes llegaron a 18 unidades, america con 16. >> no lo lograron. >> así concluimos, le recuerdo que después de una pausa, tenemos acción deportiva extra. >> buenas noches . >> hasta mañana. >> ♪. >> ♪
detected in seattle. it is lower than would be a health concern. right now, no action is needed it is coming from a power plant damaged in the tsunami. one of the victims has turned out to be a american taylor anderson may be the first u.s. citizen to die in the disaster. >>> right now, president obama is preparing for the final step on his latin america trip. they will leave chile and head to el salvador. while in chile, first lady, michelle obama toured the schools with with the first lady. she encouraged students to do their best and dream big. the first lady visited a science and art museum, they were entertained by dancers and musicians and the girls got to try out interactive exhibits in the museum. >>> protesters shouted "down with capitalism" some demonstrators burned the u.s. flag. similar protests held in el salvador. hundreds marched through the streets, demanding that president obama address drug trafficking, the food crisis. >>> the shooting happened at north high street and olney. we have the latest, tracee? >> reporter: we are looking for a motive in this situatio
states getting pounded by tornadoes, hail, wind and rain, and steve pool from our seattle affiliate komo is with us. steve, is there a sense when the storms will be letting up? >> we have seen signs of improvement but what has been happening, we've had thunder and lightning. we've had hail and, of course, some of that hail is really impressive to take a look at. check this out now. we've had hail down there the size of golf balls at the very least and in some cases the size of small grapefruit. now you can imagine and you can see right here the damage that that can do to vehicles and also, of course, buildings and structures in the area. now, we do some signs of improvement as i mentioned, however, there will still be storms around atlanta this morning so all of the folks in the south have to be watching out and paying close attention to all of the watches and warnings. i'll be back in a couple of minutes and we'll take a look at some storms in the west, not quite as bad but there's more. back to you for now. >> all right, steve, thank you. >>> now to target libya. and the events on the
that. 47 in seattle today. 51, medford, with rainshowers. san fran, down to l.a. going to stay dry. you can see a couple of other numbers here. billings, pretty cool. they're m cold trough of air. 28 at casper, and denver, might have freezing precipitation there, roadway troubles at 37. tomorrow more snow, 33, and albuquerque, 57 on your tuesday. it will be a brighter one for phoenix, vegas, and l.a. at least brighter compared to today. we'll look for temperatures in the mid to upper 50s from l.a. to las vegas there. that's a look at your regionals. same thing if you are going down to flagstaff.ç that's a lock at your monday forecast. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. oil sinks stocks. big peanut butter recall, and the other white meat's other slogan. the early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, troubled actor charlie sheen rates his web shows ratings disaster. >> coming up, a scare for chris and the hornets. the lakers make a statement in san antonio, and what could possibly make some of the miami heat players cry? you're watching "early today." >> good morn
. >> reporter: it all began with a video, shot in this seattle neighborhood bar. >> i was bullied a lot, beat up, thrown against walls and lockers and windows. >> i called terry from jfk, said, i want to make a video. i want to say, it gets better. i want to talk about our joy and encourage other gay and lesbian adults to do the same and give these kids hope for their futures. >> we thought we would get maybe a few, a couple hundred videos at the most. >> reporter: they got 10,000 from celebrities -- >> it does get better. >> you're not alone. i see you. >> people are here for you. people who care and understand. >> reporter: hopoliticians -- >> first of all, hang in there. >> reporter: even president obama. >> the president looked into the camera, said, there's nothing wrong with you. >> you are not alone. you didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: so, is there anyone you haven't seen a video from that you'd like to? >> the pope. >> we have zero videos from any republican politicians. >> reporter: savage doesn't hide his politics. he famously went after rick santorum after the former senator co
and seattle. up to two feet of snow in the sira nevadas. and also, four to six inches in the rockies. cooler in the northet, with light, morning snow from new york to sthn new gland. >> 38 bost.on 45 in new york. and 64 in atlanta. a chilly 23 in fargo. and 33 in detroit. mostly 50s from seattle to sacramento and the nice spots, well, miam hovers near . while new orleans and dall hit the upper 70s. i'm jealous. >> sounds good. all right. >>> well, coming up, the loss of a legend. >> have you ever tht of what you wanted on your tombstone? >> barbara walters' favorite moments from her fivinterviews >>> and ter his "gma" blowup, chris brown is now apologizing. you'll see it when we come back. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. >>> overseas stocks are mixed this morning. was down the hong kong's hang seng was higher. in london, the ftse opened higher, as well. and on wall street, the dow gained 67 points. the nasdaq index added 14. >>> well, you're going to have to wait a little longer for toyota's prius minivan. t
it in seattle. second one, february 19th it was won by arizona dramatically, 87-86. what should we pay attention to early in the ballgame? bob: pay attention, derrick williams with the ball. he is going to get double-teamed. gus: long jump shot off the mark. isiah thomas, what a name. what a little player as he is coming off back-to-back 10-assist games. his scoring is up as well. bob: unbelievable. he accounts for a lot of points in the game. gus: ball knocked out of bounds. washington 22-10. 11-7 in conference play coming off of a win over oregon. four players in that game in double figures. isiah thomas throws it inbounds. no-look pass is deflected and stolen. here come the wildcats down the lane and that one out of bounds. bob: in this tournament isiah thomas has been spectacular in his passing. 11 assists one game, 12 assists last night. that ties the pac-10 conference record for assists in the tournament. this guy is an unbelievable player and only a junior. gus: third time in washington history the players had back-to-back 10-assist games, last done in 1970 for the huskies. bob: listen to
's degree in biology and later received a master's degree in public health. she moved to seattle and is now the executive director of the deaf-blind service center. she manages an office and conducts business meetings using tactile communication. translator: i run the everyday operation and make sure the staff are doing their jobs. i am responsible for making budget decisions. also, i coordinate with executive directors of other organizations. because we are small and specialized, we can't do everything, so we divide the responsibilities and avoid duplication of services. narrator: using her cane and public transportation, jelica travels independently to a meeting across town. she uses a vibrotactile crossing signal to make her way across the street. she signals the bus driver about her special needs with color-coded cards. the driver knows to stop and traces the route number on her hand, indicating she is boarding the correct bus. translator: i know people are shocked at seeing a cane, and they're shocked at seeing tactile communication, and it's true--it is shocking-- but it's so much bet
, up the cascades at the pass to deal with that. seattle, a little break. heavy rain, more or less showers continuing currently. a batch of very heavy rain from eureka up to crescent city. the forecast, very active. eventually some will work its way into san francisco an california and oregon but then it could spark storms this afternoon. lynn, wednesday's forecast not much better for west. we'll give you updates coming up. >>> all right, bill. thanks very much. >>> also coming up, japan's crisis hits wall street, a&m thrives on the ipad. why are american millionaires complaining? the early morning headlines ahead. >>> donald trump will give a stern talk to a jail bound contestant. >>> miami heat and the best shot of the night not made by a player. you're watching "early today." good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here is some of your top headlines this morning. moammar gadhafi's forces are advancing toward the rebel capital of benghazi after retaking one of the last opposition-held towns in western libya yesterday. meanwhile secretary of state hillary clin
on the long journey from japan to the u.s. >>> taking a look at the weather, drenching rain from seattle to san francisco. up to two feet of snow in the sierras. light rain from st. louis to cincinnati. >>> a string-like day along the east coast. it's welcome news. new york and boston well into the 60s. miami, 83. 83 in dallas. 43 in minneapolis. mostly 50s from seattle to colorado springs. you can feel spring coming. yes. >> couldn't come soon enough. that is for sure. coming up, the scare at a school after fourth graders eat cocaine. >>> the looming shortage for apples newest ipad. >>> we'll update the top story, u.s. military and allies could be flying over libya within hours. hours. ?ca >> this morning, disaster in the pacific. plus the 12-year-old internet singing sensation that has everybody talking. what they are say sg cruel. now, she talks back to critics on good morning america. morning america this morning on abc. >>> well, it's a fine end to a rough week for japanese stocks. the nikkei climbs 2.7% today. stocks surge in the u.s. other industrial nations helped stabilize the y
francisco and sacramento and that's where it continues to the north. for once, seattle, you're the ones that have a decent forecast. 58 and partly cloudy. 59. prescott, arizona. much of arizona actually should remain dry. >>> lynn, we'll track the storm into thursday for coming up in a little bit. >> bill, thank you. >>> also coming up -- stocks fall but market calms. oil keeps climbs and big bailout profits. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, chris brown throws an angry, violent tantrum where asked about his past violence. >>> coming up, kim duncan trades in his jersey for crutches and the bulls run through atlanta. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning -- yemen's embattled president is refusing to resign immediately and warning that his country could slide into a bloody civil war if he were forced to step down. yesterday, tens of thousands protested in the country's capital emboldened by top commanders who have defected from the regime. >>> so
advisories and warnings. a mu one hitting seattle down to medford, and that means rain. you're waking up with rain there, and temperatures m 40s for the most part. it will be a sunny one for vegas and phoenix. here's the forecast for you. 33, denver, with more clouds than sun, and, yes, some snow m upper reaches. then salt lake city, 41. 73, phoenix with sunshine, and we'll flip over and give you a sneak preview of your wednesday. go up to idaho and 55 for wednesday with a partly sunny sky. keeping the rain up many seattle, but moving it in medford, going for 63 on your wednesday, and by wednesday in l.a., 77. plenty of sunshine there as well. that's a how about yuma, arizona. here up there in the 70s. nice with all that sunshine. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. >> ginger, huh. >>> well, oil runs the çstreet. recalls run wild, and an airline horror story you really are not going to believe. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. sfwlirchlgts plus, more on the manic up and downs of charlie sheen in the wake of his firing from one of tv's top shows. >>> coming
. snow showers in the dakotas and rockies. >>> a wet 66 in seattle. 66 in boise and phoenix heats up to 94. mostly 40s from fargo to minneapolis. new orleans at 66. >>> coming up, the growing shortage of hybrids for sale. and shipments from the quake zone shrink to new lows. >>> and the whale that's killed three people is now back in front of fans with little changes, though, to protect trainers. >>> and the real estate mega deal, how much would you pay for that pad. a billionaire buyer sell, no problem to a price >>> the government's massive bank bailout was once expected to lose tens of billions of dollars but now the treasury department says it actually turned a profit on the program which launched of course during the height of the nation's financial crisis. taxpayers have earned $6 billion and that total is expected to rise. >>> and it hey be easier to get a job in the coming months. a new survey of some the nation's biggest companies plan to hire 52% in the next months. the job outlook has been improving. a report shows that private companies added 201,000 jobs just this month.
different than strategies that edward and chuck have sitting in portland and seattle and i think if there's anything you take away if there's not a one size fits all for any of this. not for california or the western states. you really have to customize based where your sitting. climate change and urban water supply. growing demand for water. however, we grew nearly ten years in san diego increased by 6 hundred thousand people and we did not add to our water demand and that came from just extraordinary efforts but the growing demand, we have hardened conservation and continuing growth and increased population and economic activity and obviously hotter or dryer weather. uncertainty of our import and small surface level supply. less reliance on the hydraulic dependence supply and all of that has to be considered. how we are respond sag three prong action plan. i want to touch lightly on each of these. first is diversity kabs of our water supply portfolio and second is constructing a variety until facilitys to address the ever changing demands we have and third is prudent planning through dr
to play through a head injury. >> tomorrow night the doctors of seattle grace will turn into the sailors of seattle grace. the episode is just one day away but we have a sneak peek for you right now. ♪ [ music ] . >> recognize that song? it's chasing cars by snow patrol and blew up big time after it was featured in the season two finale. that's the focus of the episode taking the most iconic songs and hughes them in a whole new way. >> there is a lot of iconic music that we will use, some well known stuff like chasing cars, how to save a life and we hope to bring them to life -- but it's the love letter to the fans. >> reporter: the show tomorrow night at nine right here on abc2 followed by private practice. >> the nurses at union memorial sing. they are good. you hear anything up on the 4th floor? >>> after you watch that deep here because you could be in for a race. the trick is you have to do it yourself. the easy way to give yourself a race. that's tomorrow night here on abc 2news at 11. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> talking about the radar, it has been lit
, some showers in the pacific northwest and in northern california. >> and mostly 50s from seattle to albuquerque. near 40 in minneapolis. and 76 in kansas city. 80s from dallas to atlanta. 53 here in new york. and 48 in boston. >>> and coming up after the break, a new tour bus crash overnight. we'll have the latest details. >> yet another one. >>> also in business news, a fast food first. a national chain now offering an alternative. we're talking about turkey burgers. >> all right. >>> and on top of that, barbie's beau is getting a new look. we'll show you ken's new face. >>> japanese stocks are starting to fight their way back from the losses suffered since the earthquake. the nikkei index jumped more than 4% today, a rebound led by the consumer electronics companies. also, auto stocks are also up as the major manufacturers restart production. the nikkei's boost was followed by hong kong's hang seng which posted modest gains today. in london, the ftse opened higher. wall street, the dow gained almost 180 points. and the nasdaq index rose. >>> and at&t's deal could
muir. >>> and now, for this morning's weather around the country. a pretty wet day from seattle to san francisco. up to three feet of mountain snow in the cascades. and a foot in the rockies. a wintry mix from the dakotas to northern minnesota. some showers in the ohio valley down to nashville, charleston, west virginia, raleigh and atlanta. >> 45 degrees in boston. 51 in baltimore. 66 in new orleans. chicago gets up to 45. omaha, 56. and fargo, 37 degrees. 50s from seattle to boise and billings. and sacramento gets up to 65. phoenix, coming in near 90. >>> we'll have the other morning's top -- this morning's other news coming up next, including a dolphin nearly crushes a woman in florida. bizarre story there. >> you have to see that. >>> also, death on the launch pad. how a worker died while preparing "endeavour" for liftoff. >>> and we'll return to the quake zone, as misplaced family members find each other, five days into this tragedy. ererererr >>> and welcome back, everybody. we do have other news to report on this tuesday morning. there's been a second, fatal tour bus accident in
. the forecast for today, a cold rain around portland and seattle. we're okay down in areas of california, nevada, and arizona. still a little chilly, but we're starting to recover there in phoenix. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. rain. the snow conditions are still low for this time of year. lynn, the forecast does not get any better as we go throughout the first couple of days. except there's one spot that did come in like a lion. march, it looks like the northwest. >> bill, thank you so much. >>> well, oil drops, and stocks climb, and wall street goes m & a crazy. that's straight ahead. >>> plus, is it a train wreck meltdown or a cry for help? another today show interview with charlie sheen. >>> coming up, the nets and suns come down to the final shot. kansas state peaks at the right time, and how much would it take for you to play for the washington wizards? you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry. here are some of your top headlines this morning. two "discovery" shuttle astronauts have completed their mission's first space wa
there on the west coast have been cool. we're at 41 in medford. 43 in seattle. storm system has been pushing on shore for the last two days. a big storm it was, and now it's just a moisture plume. cold front is trying to head through california and montana. at the current time a lot of clouds. don't count on a lot of sunshine on the west coast, and there are areas of steady rain. it will be more scattered this afternoon, but the heaviest of it is now up here in the central cascades. sacramento is getting a little bit of a break. heavy snow outside of reno and tahoe and outside of mount shasta too. further up in the pacific northwest, yesterday reports of hail formed during the afternoon. that's what we thought could happen with some of the thunderstorms. it's a similar scenario today. scattered showers out there. maybe a stray thunderstorm or two. your forecast today, more unsettled weather. much of the west. we do keep that moisture out of arizona, though, and in southern california, but you will see mostly cloudy skies. that's a look at your a lot of this storm. especially in the central s
or less, are strengthening, on the other hand if you live in seattle you might be more encouraged because it looks like there's a tendency for latitudes to get wetter and that wet goes further north. next one. well, here we have in this case just one scenario and he's imposed the warming on a hydraulic model and this is the remain of the watershed, this is the sierra nevada and this is the infraction of april first and period surrounding 2060 and that around 2090, and you can see we're eroding the lower elevations of snow and by the time we reach 2090 in this case warmed by 2 degrees celsius, we lose 50 percent of the california snow pact. it's not in the snow. next one. that changes the hydro graph as you heard this morning. so this is october through september the aggravateded sierra run off. more in the winter period, and less in the spring and summer by a bit. this is a recent flood. not a big one. but in may of 05, maybe some of you remember this event. it was raining up to about 9 thousand feet in,yosim ite park this is the valley and this is the storm that did it. a very warm and
would argue that on the demand for water. it has been mentioned a couple of times here. seattle may have done that and port land may have integrated it into management. temperature is going up, demand for water is going up. how many of our water agencies include in their demand forecast for the year 3020, 3050, climate effects on demand. the last california water plant did a much better job of acknowledging the issue of climate change but not yet adequately took action. we're beginning to work now on the next one and the intention i believe, is there will be a more deeper analysis and i look forward to that. next slide. this is a graph, and i want to say couple of things. this is from a study that a coleague of mine did on impacts of changes on colorado river. we looked at climate general circulation models from hypo thetic there's a lot of information and this is a small piece of that. this shows frequency and volume of uncontrolled spills which is basically meaning floods. these are percent changes of flow on,x factors. 10, five, ten, twenty percent changes on flows. those are plausibl
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